Competence in media law, copyright law and entertainment law since 1996

Versatile but never superficial

These days, music, film, art, literature, theatre, advertising, fashion and design are creatively and economically so closely linked to one another that they can no longer be assigned to separate legal categories. An effective legal service therefore needs to be based on knowledge of the entire creative spectrum if it is not to risk incompetence and superficiality. It is therefore important to us that we remain constantly active in all areas of the media. We advise media companies and individual creatives in equal measure and as a result are always aware of both sides of story.

The digital age is setting new benchmarks

The digital revolution has brought about changes in the media landscape that are requiring a fundamental reorientation of legal services in the field of media law. In the Internet age creativity, technology and marketing are becoming more closely connected than ever before. Our firm has been in step with this development from the beginning and has a wide range of specialist knowledge in the fields of new technologies and distribution channels and the legal issues associated with them.

Day-to-day needs

Whether freelance artists or independent media operators, our clients have to deal with big and small worries on a daily basis, and we take these concerns very seriously. For this reason, providing advice on company, brand and design law is just as much part of our core competencies as are the drafting of contracts, copyright consultation and the enforcement of claims.

Fight for your right?

Although we’re not itching for a fight, we are definitely disputatious. Our firm forcefully defends the rights of its clients, conscientiously pursues violations of these rights and enforces clients’ claims through the courts. Over the years we have gained a reputation as committed and competent trial lawyers in litigation.


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