A framework for design

Design law, architectural law: legal protection and commercial exploitation for designers, architects, producers and distributors

Whether you design visual materials or buildings, your work needs to be protected as effectively as possible from imitation and alteration. Our expertise in copyright, trademark, design and competition law enables us to represent and advise not only creatives but also users, manufacturers and commercial exploiters of design products as well as building clients.

Apart from ensuring legal protection for models, samples, designs and buildings, we help you defend your work against spurious claims. We provide advice across a range of areas relevant to design, from architectural contracts to designer, licensing and distribution agreements and including all aspects of competition law relating to the marketing and distribution of design products.

Our firm represents architects, designers and agencies as well as manufacturers and retailers of design products.

Our specialist areas in the design and architecture field

  • Copyright protection
  • Trademark protection
  • Distribution and licensing agreements
  • Architectural contracts
  • Disputes relating to competition law