Fashion conscious!

Fashion law: legal protection and commercial utilization for designers, labels and distributors

You create, produce and distribute two collections a year and want to protect them from imitation and market them in the best possible way. Copyright, trademark, design and competition law provides legal protection for designers and fashion labels as creatives and for all levels of distribution in the fashion and textile industries.

Apart from ensuring that textile patterns, designs and drawings are legally protected, we help you defend your work against spurious claims. We provide advice across a broad spectrum of issues, including licensing and distribution agreements, sales agencies, care labelling and the permissibility of trade restrictions on online distribution.

Our firm represents fashion labels, marketing firms and retailers as well as numerous freelance designers, photographers and model agencies.

Our specialist areas in the fashion field

  • Design protection
  • Brand protection
  • Distribution agreements; licensing agreements
  • Standard business conditions
  • Sales representatives
  • Care labelling
  • Disputes relating to competition law