Behind the images: from story development to distribution

Film productions: legal advice and support

The creative and business aspects of film and TV production throw up different legal problems and require specialized juristic approaches. Rights need to be clarified and acquired and contracts concluded, often in quick succession.

This applies just as much to story development and script and film-music production as it does to financing, realization, screening and distribution. Our service is therefore not limited to legal advice on specific issues. We help our clients to organize their work in an effectively and legally secure way.

Our specialist areas in the film and TV field

  • Story development – acquisition and legal clarification of literary and biographical material, author contracts, script contracts, personal rights
  • Production – production contracts (director, cast, crew, producer, location etc.)
  • Film music – composer contracts (score) and complete rights clearance for soundtracks
  • Clarification of rights relating to the use of footage, brands and photos
  • National and international distribution agreements