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Trademark law, naming rights, design law: from registration to the defence of rights

Labels, brands, trademarks – today trademark issues are a central theme not only for large enterprises but also for small independent ventures seeking to establish themselves in a digital age overloaded with symbols and signs. We provide our clients with advice on name development and brand strategy as well as on legally relevant marketing issues that is individually tailored to the specific goals of their enterprise. We deal with national and international brand registration and defend the valuable brand rights of our clients against infringements.

Apart from media firms, which are our particular specialization, we also represent a diverse range of enterprises in the retail, craft and service sectors. One of our particular focuses is on the fashion and textile field, where we provide legal protection for design products by, among other things, registering national and international design patents.

Our specialist areas in the trademark field

  • Brand consultation, brand strategy
  • National and international brand registration
  • Design patent registration
  • Representation before German patent and trademark authorities (DPMA, HABM, WIPO) in actions of all types (objection, cancellation etc.)
  • Trademark licensing agreements
  • Legal issues relating to domains
  • Prosecution of infringements of brand and trademark rights
  • Responding to cease-and-desist letters from competitors