Digital works differently!

E-commerce, IT law, online trade, data protection law, standard Terms and Conditions (AGB)

E-commerce simplifies sales but in legal terms it’s a complex business. The networks of German, European and international legislation are obscure and often incomprehensible for non-professionals. Moreover, their numerous and often contradictory regulations are subject to constant change.

Even small mistakes in the design of digital distribution networks can lead to costly cease-and-desist demands from competitors. Effective legal advice must therefore aim to synchronize the prevailing legal framework with the client’s enterprise goals. Whether dealing with promising internet start-ups or established old hands – we formulate individual solutions for and with our clients based on the principle of “one size fits one”.

In the field of e-commerce, our firm advises and acts for a representative cross-section of enterprises offering their services additionally or exclusively on an e-commerce basis. The digital offerings of our clients range from cultural products from the fields of music, film, literature, design and fashion to classic products from the retail, craft and service sectors.

Our specialist areas in the e-commerce field

  • Advice on the legal compliance of B2B and B2C online shops (general business conditions, power of revocation, data protection explanations, licensing agreements, EULA)
  • Enforcement of claims relating to competition and trademark law
  • Enforcement of contractual claims
  • Advice and representation regarding legal issues relating to domains
  • Defence against cease-and-desist letters from competitors
  • Advice on informational requirements for distance sale merchants
  • Advice and representation regarding financial penalties incurred as a result of legal violations